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Erasmus+ grants are available to any students doing a study or work placement abroad in an EU country.

financial aid for study abroad

To receive financial aid for study abroad, your exchange must take place in a foreign country in Europe:

  • At a higher education institution which has signed the Erasmus+ Charter
  • For a period of 3 to 12 months, bearing in mind that IESM prefers 6-month exchanges
  • As part of an inter-institution exchange which will entitle you to equivalent credits upon your return to France.
financial aid for a work placement abroad

To receive financial aid for a work placement abroad, you must work at a company in Europe:

  • For a period of 2 to 12 months
  • Completing the work placement as part of your higher education at an institution which has signed the Erasmus+ Charter.

The amount of the grant is calculated based on the destination country and the length of the exchange programme.

Students may receive a grant from the European Union, as a contribution to their travel and living expenses during their study or work placement abroad. The institution itself determines a rate within the brackets defined below by the National Agency, which will apply to all students in the same destination zone, based on need and on the amount of the grant received.

The institution may also decide on cases of Erasmus zero-grant or partial-grant (for fewer months than the planned exchange) students.

participating countries with the highest cost of living










united kingdom

pays participant au programme où le coût de la vie est moyen














pays participant au programme où le coût de la vie est le plus faible











good to know !

These payments are contingent upon the beneficiary’s presentation of the required supporting documentation: proof of attendance, exchange report, language assessment and approval of the learning agreement, failing which the entire grant must be repaid by the conservatory.

Additional aid is offered to anyone with a disability on an Erasmus+ exchange abroad. You can complete the procedures with the IESM International Relations Manager. This aid is a supplement to a traditional grant, accounts for many parameters and is subject to certain conditions. A form and supporting documentation are to be submitted at least one month before your departure.

international mobility aid (ami)

International mobility aid (AMI) is a system put in place and funded by the French Ministry of Higher Education, Research and Innovation (MESRI). Aix-Marseille University and IESM manage this aid to allow their grant students to carry out their exchange plans under the best possible conditions, based on a number of social criteria.

Eligibility criteria for international mobility aid (AMI):

  • Be enrolled at IESM and AMU for the international exchange year
  • Receive a grant based on social criteria (from CROUS)
  • Complete a period of study or work placement abroad (excluding Monaco and Andorra) of at least two months.

The MESRI AMI grant can be partially combined with an Erasmus+ grant. It is awarded in the amount of €400 per month. Students doing an exchange abroad can receive two to nine of these monthly payments throughout their higher education (bachelor, master and doctoral programmes).

For more information about international mobility aid, visit the website of the Ministry of Higher Education, Research and Innovation.

Students who already have an Erasmus+ grant for their exchange abroad can apply for a further MESRI AMI grant.

Be aware though that the number of monthly payments may vary, depending on the type of exchange (study or work placement) and its duration.

You should also know that the MESRI AMI grant cannot be combined with the French Southern Region mobility grant.

Reminder: Erasmus+ students do not have to pay any tuition to the host institution. They pay their tuition to IESM and AMU before their departure.

your contact at iesm :

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International Relations Manager